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Bumble’s Surprise:  The Gift of Kindness

 A lovable, bumbling little bear discovers kindness is its own reward. Come share his delight!
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Blanche Dudley Books is a child-centered labor of love to create and promote activities to reinforce positive self-esteem in young readers and to discourage bullying. Our books and website feature the adventures of Siggy, a friendly, one-winged mockingbird, and his close encounters with bullying.

This is where we’ll:

  • explore adventure books with anti-bullying themes for young readers,

  • mull over actionable strategies for teachers and parents to combat bullying, and
  • share free and fun activities for kids to boost the confidence and healthy self-image needed to fend off bullying and to resist the temptation to hurt others.

Being different isn’t easy, especially when those differences lead to bullying by someone stronger and bigger. In our debut children’s book, Siggy figures out how to use one of his talents to turn the tables on twin bluejays who bully Siggyhim, earning respect from his friends and adopted family. Siggy and the Bullies tackles the serious subject of bullying with a touch of humor to engage our youngest readers and aims to help stop bullying in its tracks no matter how young the victim or aggressor. A set of discussion questions appropriate for children reinforces the lesson on reacting to bullying.

Kirkus Reviews: “An endearing…children’s book about bullying.”

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We hope you and your young readers will enjoy our books and the free activities available here at our website. Stop by often to see what’s new and useful for your home or classroom!

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