Siggy and the Bullies

Siggy and the Bullies


Siggy and the Bullies

By Blanche R. Dudley, Ed.D
Illustrated by Lawrence Reynolds
978-145751-994-9, Hardcover, $22.50
978-145751-993-2, Paperback, $11.95
978-145752-196-6, Ebook, $9.99
42 pages, 8.5 by 11
Full-color illustrated picture book, ages 3-8
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Siggy and the Bullies is the first picture book in a new series featuring Siggy, a lovable one-winged mockingbird. The series will address childhood issues of tolerance, diversity and self-esteem for 3-to-8 year olds.

Siggy and the Bullies is a charming adventure with an important message about bullying for young children. When chased by bullies, Siggy’s quick thinking and talent for imitations help him turn the tables on his pursuers and win the admiration of his friends and adopted family. This deceptively simple tale contains powerful lessons of what to do in the face of bullying behavior.

The book includes discussion questions to help parents and other caregivers teach kids what bullying is and how to respond. The questions will also help educators use the book in a school environment to teach anti-bullying lessons.

Praise for Siggy and the Bullies:
“Blanche Dudley brings a fresh perspective to combating bullying with this heartwarming tale of triumph. Siggy may have physical challenges, but he more than rises to the challenge to escape two bullies after a wild chase! This beautifully illustrated story offers readers a powerful message: you don’t have to face bullies alone. It’s okay to tell. Adults can and will help. A must read for younger children and adults alike. Dudley invites us all to join Siggy’s team!”—Laura Thieman, L.C.S.W., Clinical Social Work/Therapist
Red Star“Most children will experience or witness bullying at some point in their lives. This delightful story delivers a very simple, but profound, message to kids. Tell! It’s important that trusted adults know what’s going on! Good training!”—Dr. Anastasia Williams, M.D., Pediatrician
Red Star“Fun story, noteworthy lesson. Plain and simple, kids from kindergarten to high school need to know — and believe — that it’s okay to tell when they or their friends are being bullied. It’s never too early to start that conversation.”—Archie Talley, M.S., Education, Former Professional Athlete, Motivational Speaker on “Self-Esteem” and “Bullying Is a Waste of Time”
Red Star“This brave little bird teaches a simple loving lesson every child needs to know. It’s perfect for our multicultural daycare where we teach kids that their differences make them all everyday heroes, like Siggy.”—Smita Lal, Owner, Dulles Montessori Child Care
Red Star“Bullying is a social problem that crosses all ethnic and economic class boundaries and its negative impact can last throughout the life span. This courageous book offers help to stop bullying in its tracks before it is too late.”—Theodore Fuller, Ph.D.,LMFT, Child Psychologist, Family Development Associates, Inc.
Red Star“Dudley emphasizes the story’s moral in a brief discussion guide that follows the main text, offering questions and advice for children. Debut illustrator Reynolds’ snappy, comic-book style illustrations will likely draw in reluctant readers…it’s refreshing to read a children’s book in which single-parent families, adopted children and disabilities are portrayed as normal and unremarkable, and the resources at the end of the book may help spark frank conversations about the issues Dudley raises.”—Kirkus Reviews

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