Sowing Kindness

Growing a Special Garden
Siggy needs our help to make his garden grow.
We’ll plant seeds of kindness everywhere we go.
Then we’ll watch the bullying shrivel and stop
As we sow our strong and loving crop.

Here are a few seeds of kindness that you can sow right away. Choose one and plant it today!

  • Say something nice to three people that you meet today.
  • Let someone else go ahead of you in line.
  • Listen quietly to a friend who wants to talk.
  • Invite someone who is standing alone to join you and your friends.


  • Say “I know you can do it. Keep trying.” Say this to a friend who is having a hard time.
  • Say good morning or good afternoon to all your teachers.
  • Give your nicest smile to someone who doesn’t have one. Don’t worry if he or she doesn’t return it.
  • Ask your mother to let you help her with a tough job around the house.


  • Say a kind word to someone who looks sad.
  • Kiss your mom.
  • Hug your dad.
  • Pick up something that’s been knocked from a shelf and put it back, even though it’s not your fault.

Starting Your Own Special Garden
Make a list of five ways you can be kind to someone who needs a helping hand or a friendly voice. Remember to sow a few seeds of kindness regularly. You will be creating a garden of compassion and happiness.

Ask your mom to help you visit my blog and share your own special seeds of kindness. Siggy would love to hear what you are doing. And so would I!