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Blanche Dudley

Author and Founder Blanche Dudley

Author Blanche Dudley
Blanche R. Dudley, Ed.D., is the author of the new Siggy picture book series on anti-bullying for younger readers.  Dr. Dudley is a former educator and 1985 West Virginia Teacher of the Year.  She earned a doctorate in education at West Virginia University and wrote her dissertation on enhancing the self-esteem of middle school children. The author spends her free time birdwatching in her backyard where she finds inspiration for her picture book characters.  Dr. Dudley lives in Reston, Virginia with her husband, W. J. Dudley and finds inspiration close to home: “As I watched the birds in my back yard, I started to see how I could use them to create stories about bullying and self-esteem for younger readers. There are not many books for this age group that address these issues in practical terms. Besides all that, children tell me they think the stories are really fun!”

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Lawrence Reynolds

Illustrator Lawrence Reynolds

Illustrator Lawrence Reynolds
Lawrence Reynolds specializes in the explosive collision of images, color, line, light, and shadow.  His  heroes and villains spring to life in lush, vibrant colors.  Even the shaded hues seem to pulsate with emotion and imminent action.  Lawrence entered the Industrial Design program at the Center for Creative Studies: College of Art and Design in Detroit Michigan in the fall of 1989.  He later transferred into the Graphic Communication program and eventually majored in Art direction.  He recalls that “even in art school, I stood out as the art director who knew how to draw.”  Upon graduating in 1994, Lawrence began his career as an Art director working on numerous national accounts doing print and television work.  Siggy and the Bullies is his first children’s book.  He resides in Dallas, Texas.  Visit the artist at his website at www.vividfury.com.
Siggy picture
Friend Siggy
Siggy is a spunky young mockingbird whom Mama Sparrow found abandoned in the forest. Now he lives with Mama and has Pia and Gia for his sisters. Siggy’s different. He hatched with only one wing. He can’t fly, but he can hop—moving easily along the ladder to and from their nest. Best of all, though, he can mimic the sounds of other birds in the forest, which Pia and Gia think is great. Siggy just wishes those awful bluejay twins, Vickie and Ickie, wouldn’t make so much fun of him.