Continued – Bullying Prevention and Intervention Tips

Below is the second half of my previous post on a few anti-bullying strategies discussed at the International Bullying Prevention Conference in Nashville earlier this month. I hope to share more of my notes later. Best Wishes to all for a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving Holiday!


(Excerpt from the Anti-Defamation League website –

Part 2 of 2

5. Talk about Bullying
Make a point of explicitly bringing up bullying. Specifically define bullying, what it looks like and what to do when it occurs. Communicate your values and expectations regarding their social behavior on and offline, and help them to clarify their own values and ways to act on them in the face of peer pressure and aggression. Discuss and rehearse ways to respond to social cruelty, and make it is clear that your children can and should come to you for help when they witness or are involved in bullying situations.

6. Be a Role Model
Think about the messages your children receive when you make judgmental comments, gossip or behave aggressively toward friends, family members, drivers on the road or help staff in stores. Use technology responsibly and avoid forwarding mean or biased jokes and posts. Model what it means to be an ally and to stand up against prejudice and cruelty on and offline.

7. Be Involved at School
Advocate for policies, programs and practices that encourage positive social behavior and be vocal when adults/institutions fall short of their responsibility to protect children and maintain safe environments. Don’t wait until your child is the target to get involved and speak up.

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