Creating Positive Self-Esteem

POSITIVE SELF-ESTEEM.image A wonderfully simple, fun, and effective way to reinforce a positive self-image in children is to have them complete an I-DID-IT sheet. Ask them to make a list of three things they did today that they are proud of. These can be really simple things. Give your child, grandchild, or student a star for each activity– and two stars for anything that involved being kind to another person. Do this twice a week. You can even try doing the list as a family now and then. Sharing the results creates great camaraderie and insight into what we and our children value. (By the way, the proud expression on my ten-year-old goddaughter’s face in the photo is because she had just helped me solve a problem with using my iPAD. Okay–I admit she knows more tricks to using a tablet than I do. I touched my first computer at age 32. I gave her one on her third birthday–now she’s dispensing advice to an old lady! Love those youngsters!) More at

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