Feeling Good — SIGGY’S PARADE

Written for all kids and parents–not just our special needs children–Siggy’s Parade is a lively and loving celebration of self, diversity, and inclusiveness. I hope to make this colorful little book available young children across the country as a fun reminder of the dignity and worth of all individuals.

“Siggy is a mockingbird with only one wing, but he has learned to march instead of fly and celebrate his unique self. Even though the mean blue jay twins, Vickie and Ickie, tease Siggy for being unable to fly, he’s too busy helping his friends appreciate their own differences to notice.

On National ‘I Like Me!’ Day, Siggy stages a parade for all of his friends to celebrate their unique disabilities too! He recruits Ruthie the Raccoon, who uses a shiny wheelchair, Tall Paul, a bear who is taller and skinnier than his brothers, and Penelope Pig, who wears hearing aides in her giant pink ears. With Siggy’s help, they, and other special needs friends, each learn to be proud of themselves for who they are and what makes them diverse.

The message in this inspiring tale is one of acceptance and understanding. Useful tips and suggestions for parents and kids at the end of the book help children learn ways to embrace their own unique selves.” (Age Range: 4 – 7 years)

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